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Established in 2002, Alliance Automation, LLC. designs, builds and integrates turnkey robotic and automation systems specializing in various applications across all industries.


We are the Robotic Automation Solution

At Alliance Automation, our focus is on delivering cutting-edge, turn-key solutions that allows companies across various industries to improve safety, efficiency, consistency, productivity, and growth. We work closely with leading industry partners and focus on advancing our engineering delivering innovative and efficient robotic automation solutions that optimize processes and drive growth.


Located in Flint, MI


In the United States, Canada and Mexico

About Us

Our Team

The team at Alliance Automation are a group of highly skilled and cohesive professionals, each an expert in their respective field. Comprising of talented engineers, dedicated project managers, and proficient operation team members, they collaborate to achieve their goals with efficiency and precision. Leveraging their knowledge and experience, the engineers design innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. These solutions are seamlessly executed by the project managers, who expertly oversee every aspect of the projects from conception to completion. The operation team members ensure smooth functioning of the projects, coordinating resources and optimizing processes to deliver exceptional results. Through their collective expertise and collaboration, the team at Alliance Automation consistently surpasses expectations and delivers industry leading robotic automation solutions to clients across various industries.

About Us

Our Facility

Alliance Automation, situated in the heart of Flint, Michigan. Our expansive industrial facility serves as a hub for a multitude of activities, each contributing to our commitment to excellence in automation solutions:

  • Engineering & R&D: Our team of skilled engineers thrives on innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries to design and develop cutting-edge automation systems that meet the unique demands of our clients.
  • System Build and Testing: At Alliance Automation, precision is paramount. Dedicated space for system assembly and testing, ensuring that every solution we deliver is of the highest quality and reliability.
  • Spare Part Manufacturing: We understand the importance of uptime for our clients. As part of our comprehensive services, we maintain in-house spare part manufacturing, enabling us to provide quick and efficient replacements whenever needed.
  • Training and Demonstrations: Sharing knowledge is at the core of our values. Our facility includes well-equipped training rooms where we conduct hands-on sessions and live demonstrations to empower our clients with the necessary expertise to operate our automation solutions seamlessly.

About Us

Our Partnerships & Awards

Alliance Automation has been honored with the prestigious Distinguished Partner Award by Yaskawa Motoman Robotics, recognizing our consistent success in delivering cutting-edge applications. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond accolades, as we actively cultivate strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies to provide our customers with the most advanced technological solutions available. These esteemed partnerships include:

  • Yaskawa Motoman (Premier Partner): As a Premier Partner of Yaskawa Motoman, we leverage their renowned robotics expertise to deliver state-of-the-art automation solutions that optimize efficiency and productivity for our clients.
  • ABB Robotics Value Provider: Our partnership with ABB Robotics as a Value Provider empowers us to harness their extensive robotics capabilities, further enhancing the scope and performance of our automation offerings.
  • Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator (CSI): As a Certified Systems Integrator for Universal Robots, we are equipped with specialized knowledge and resources to seamlessly integrate their collaborative robotic solutions, delivering flexible and safe automation solutions to diverse industries.

About Us

In The Media

Look for articles featuring us in various publications!  Over the years, we have been featured in magazines including:

  • Modern Machine Shop
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Plastics Machinery
  • Motorized Vehicle Manufacturing

These features spotlight our innovative solutions, exemplary projects, and industry expertise, reaffirming our position as a leader in the automation industry. We are proud to share our success stories and technological advancements with the broader community through these renowned publications.

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Established in 2001

Established in 2001, Alliance Automation, LLC. designs, builds and integrates turnkey robotic and automation systems specializing in various applications across all industries.

Located in Flint, Michigan our customers are located all across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Our Facility

Located in Flint, Michigan, our large industrial facility is home to many activities including:

  • Engineering & R&D
  • System Build and Testing
  • Spare Part Manufacturing
  • Training and Demonstrations

Partnerships & Awards

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics has awarded Alliance Automation the distinguished partner award for continued success in cutting applications.  Strategic partnerships with various companies allow Alliance Automation to offer the most technological advanced solutions to customers.  Partnerships include:

  • Yaskawa Motoman (Premier Partner)
  • ABB Robotics Value Provider
  • Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator (CSI)
  • Euromodel Engineering

In The Media

Look for articles featuring us in various publications!  Over the years, we have been featured in magazines including:

  • Modern Machine Shop
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Plastics Machinery
  • Motorized Vehicle Manufacturing

Our Values

Push Boundaries

Alliance Automation is a trailblazer in the field of robotic automation systems, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry. With their unwavering commitment to innovation and technological advancement, they continuously strive to create the best robotic automation systems available.

Through their extensive research and development efforts, they harness cutting-edge technologies to design and engineer solutions that optimize productivity, efficiency, and reliability. By integrating state-of-the-art hardware, sophisticated software, and intelligent algorithms, Alliance Automation delivers exceptional robotic systems that can adapt to diverse industrial environments and perform complex tasks with precision.

Their unwavering dedication to excellence has earned them a reputation as industry leaders, driving progress and transforming the future of automation.

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Win Together

At Alliance Automation, the power of teamwork is at the core of their success. They understand that collaboration and synergy among their talented team members are essential for achieving remarkable results. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, creativity, and shared goals, Alliance Automation ensures that every individual's unique skills and perspectives are valued and utilized effectively.

Their team consists of experts in various fields, including robotics, engineering, software development, and project management, who work together seamlessly to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional solutions. Through regular communication, knowledge sharing, and cross-functional collaboration, Alliance Automation's team members complement each other's strengths, generating innovative ideas and problem-solving approaches. This cohesive and unified approach not only drives their success but also nurtures a supportive and inspiring work environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to their collective achievements.

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Constantly Learning

Alliance Automation is a firm believer in the concept of continuous learning and improvement. They understand that in order to stay at the forefront of the industry, they must always be striving to become better. With a strong emphasis on professional development, Alliance Automation provides its employees with opportunities for growth, whether through training programs, workshops, or educational resources. They encourage their team members to stay updated on the latest technological advancements, industry trends, and best practices.

By fostering a culture of curiosity and knowledge-sharing, Alliance Automation promotes an environment where learning is embraced and mistakes are seen as valuable lessons. By constantly learning and evolving, Alliance Automation ensures that their robotic automation systems remain at the pinnacle of performance, efficiency, and innovation, cementing their position as leaders in the industry.

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